« Touriste », the successful Russian film, which is based on « Rambo » and « Blue Diamond », was shot in the Central African Republic, where soldiers play extras.

This Movie deals with the recent conflict in the Central African Republic where the mercenaries of PMC Wagner assist the government forces to counter the rebel coalition « Coalition of the patriots for change » (CPC).

This film, which plays on the patriotic fiber by glorifying Russian action in the Central African Republic, will certainly be successful in Russia with audiences eager for action and adventure. This production will also make it possible to motivate the Russian troops on the ground and will probably also facilitate the future recruitments of certain candidates to integrate PMC Wagner.

But the most astonishing thing is that this « fiction » in which we can recognize the Bangui M’Poko airport, the Roux camp, the Russian military camp of Bérengo seems to have indeed been shot in recent months, in the middle of the period. crisis and war against CPC. It reveals authentic Central African soldiers who obviously took part in the filming, as well as equipment that arrived in Bangui in the midst of the crisis in recent months. We can recognize helicopters that really fought the CPC rebel coalition!

With this Russian film entitled « Touriste », reality takes precedence over fiction.
Aired in mid-May in Bangui, the film Tourist is now available on Russian broadcasting platforms.

Sandrine Ndoumbe

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