The new film in preparation release scheduled for December 2021 of Salem Kedy is intended to be a story that walks and plunges the viewer into a fierce struggle of a mother, bearer of supernatural powers and who must use them to save her son whose death she has discovered certain after a prediction.

The title « Prediction » in itself carries the seeds of certain success. It is clear that the director did not go hand in hand in going out of his way to make the film a success. The very lively cast already announces the colors. As an actress, we find Lucie Memba Bos, who already has a great career in cinema with a hundred films to her credit as main actress called « Lara » considered as a strong character.
How not to dwell on Lucie Memba Bos, who is also the co-producer of the film. Endowed with a multidimensional talent, this young and beautiful woman has everything to burst the screen.

The number of films in which she makes appearances are strong illustrations: « Enterrés » released in 2020 which is still in theaters, « La Patrie D’abord » by Thierry Ntamack released in 2016, « Le blanc d’Eyenga 2 » by same director released in 2014. So many films in which this talented actress expresses herself to the delight of moviegoers. No doubt that with « Prediction » and in light of the role embodied, she will spark.

Sandrine Ndoumbe

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