In the year 2011, Nsang won the Miss West Africa Cameroon (MWACC) pageant . In 2013, she...

Born in August 1994, is a very beautiful and wonderful actresss Nsang Dilong. Dilong was born in Buea (Cameroon) and is originally from Kotto Barombi in Kumba. During her secondary school years, she studied at PCSS Buea and completed at PHS in Kumba. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Sociology in 2011 from the University of Buea. She grew up to be a Cameroonian actress, Model and Social Worker with a difference in changing the future of our country Cameroon.

In the year 2011, Nsang won the Miss West Africa Cameroon (MWACC) pageant . In 2013, she participated as a contestant in the Miss Cameroon Pageant . Still in the year 2013, she acted in films such as  »Whisper »,  »Expression », she also acted in  »Zamba », an award-winning TV series. She has also acted in Tchanga and Inoma, Seperate Lives, and Rumble . We also see Nsang is a handful of Nigerian Movies . She later became a Television Host at the Fox Broadcasting Company United States in the year 2015 in a TV program called African-Focus Show (Fox 28).

Aside from her career as a Model and Actress, she is a Philanthropist and works as a social worker for an NGO in Buea. She took the  10th  on the 2016 list of the 50 most influential young Cameroonians by Avance Media & CELBMD ( The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development )Africa.Dilong’s Humanitarian works involves making sure more orphans and vulnerable kids go to school. It is proof of the impact and healing she brings to most Cameroonian local communities.In 2018, Nsang got in partnership with Green Peace Africa (Cameroon Branch) and other Cameroonian Artists to launch a campaign against land grabbing

Nsang Dilong is one of the people who will change the future of our country Cameroon. In one of her interviews, her advice for the upcoming artists is that “Be sure you have the passion and talent for acting. When passion meets hard work, success is sure.”

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