Ngang Romanus is a Young Cameroonian film maker, holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre, television and film studies from the university of Bamenda and currently will be defending a Master of Arts in the university of Bamenda Cameroon.
Born in Bamenda, Mankon in the North West Region of Cameroon on July 22 1990 in a modest family, to Mr Ngang Daniel a teacher and Mrs Ngang Collette a house wife.
Romanus did his primary education at the Government School Ngomgham where he got his First School Living Certificate (FSLC). He continued with secondary éducation at the Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) where he got his Ordinary Level (O level). Je continued his secondary education at the Cameroon Protestant College in Bali (CPC Bali).
He then enrolled into the university of Bamenda in 2012 in the faculty of science « but with the burning desire for film making… » He says. This desire made him divert into the arts section where he is presently studying theartre, télévision and film studies.

Ngang Romanus started exercising his profession as a film maker in 2016 as an assistant sound recordist under the coordination of «  »REBEL PILGRIM, produced by Paul Samba. Later on he decided to create Flashlight Production Inc with Shuyika Edwin presently known as his manager where he released his first tittle « GREED ».

The movie « HIDDEN DREAMS » produced in 2020 is presently selected to represent the Cameroon film industry at the 94th Oscars, his first nomination so far. He describes it as one his greatest achievements.

Sandrine NDOUMBE

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