Aside from his cinema career, he also has a humanitarian path...

Eddie Watson is a famous Ghanian actor and movie producer who was born in Liberia. He was born on May 22nd 1980. His birth in Liberia earned him a Liberian citizenship whereas his parents are Ghanaians. His full names are “Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr”. He is especially known for his attractive cheeky smile. Watson is not just handsome but he is talented, hardworking, and a humanitarian. This humanitarian work has preceded him and he is known in most West African countries.

Eddie officially began his acting career by the year 2010 in his first movie entitled “Labour of Love”. Within the same year, he jumped over to his second movie which was an African war movie called “Somewhere in Africa”- (Nollywood Movie) in a supporting role. He was recommended to the movie director by Costar “Majid Michael” in which he got him a nomination at “Nollywood and African Films Critics Awards” (NAFCA). He did not waste time in joining Nollywood actors to act. the following year after his first two movies, he featured in several movies.

By the year 2014, he had a controversial year in which he was sad and after a while was happy. His home country, Liberia was one of the worst countries affected by the “Ebola Virus”. The pain Eddie felt inspired him to write a short film and he directed and produced it calling it “Ebola”. That year also brought many nominations for the actor for different roles in films such as “Bachelors”, “Sisters at War” and “Purple Rose”. For the first time, he was nominated in two different categories for the “Ghana Movie Award” (Best Actor in Lead Role for Bachelors and Best Short Film for Ebola, which he won). The actor has presently produced two major movies; “Jack & Jill” (2014) and “She Prayed” (2015). On Saturday, December 5, 2015, Eddie premiered “She Prayed” in “Sierra Leone” with support from some of the cast and other African movie stars including “Majid Michel”, “Beverly Osu” and “Melvin Oduah”. The screening of “She Prayed” was said to be the biggest show in all the premieres and all international shows in 2015 in “Sierra Leone”. The movie collected an impressive 98% hold of its premiere rating.

Aside from his cinema career, he also has a humanitarian path. Eddie Watson’s documentary film « Ebola » was one of his humanitarian efforts after the outbreak hit West Africa in 2014. The aim of the film was to educate people in areas affected by the disease. The film was totally sponsored by Eddie Watson himself and was distributed to most media houses in countries affected plus others in the region of publication and also throughout the internet without a single charge from the actor. He launched the “We Need Help-Ebola” Campaign the same year the film was shot with the Twitter hashtag #WeNeedHelpEbola. The Ebola documentary film starred some popular faces in Ghana’s movie and music industries including “Yvonne Nelson”, “Sarkodie” and more.

He has a net worth ranging from $1-$5 million and all legitly from his acting career.

Delia Nyadi

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