Canal 2'OR

The long-awaited grand Canal d’Or ceremony act 13 took place on October 30, 2021. Placed under the theme “let’s unmask our talents”, Canal 2’Or act 13 gave priority to the artists and artistic works that shone over the period from October 2019 to July 2021. A particularly difficult period for cultural players due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Initiated in 2004 by the Cameroonian television channel Canal 2 International, Canal 2’Or has sparked real excitement in the cultural sector in Cameroon with each edition; and 17 years after the first edition held at Cinema le Wouri in Douala, we could note the excitement both on the side of the organizing team led by Collette Chatue and among the general public.

Among the big winners, cinema was not left out as Kang Quintus, actor, director, screenwriter, casting director, received the Special Jury Prize at the Canal D’or. He is a multi-award-winning cinema professional. He is known for the films « EKEI », « REJECTED », « REVERSE », « JASON », « Side Chick Chronicles » and THE FISHERMAN’S DIARY (2020). After making it to the Oscars list, The Fisherman’s Diary is now the 1st Cameroonian Film to be acquired by Netflix.

As best comedian we had as winners Eshu for the male category and Emy Dany Bassong for the female Category. They are both known in the series « Madame Monsieur » produced by Ebenezer Kepombia who equally won the price of the best Tv series.

EshuEmy Dany








The Ceremony was very elegant as there was as guest of honor Oswald Baboke deputy director of the civil cabinet and the football icon Samuel Eto’o. The different music performances from artists as Coco Argenté, Jacky Kingue, Kameni… enlightened the show and made it more satisfying. We could say this edition was a success as we await the next season.

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