The movie « Hidden Dreams » directed by Ngang Romanus, has been selected to represent the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) at the 94th Oscars.

Ngang Romanus accepted our invitation and anwered our questions on the Cameroon film industry.

EsbiMedia : Good evening Mr Romanus and thank you for accepting our invitation.

Good evening and thank you for inviting me.

EsbiMedia : Tell us Who is Ngang Romanus ?

Ok, Ngang Romanus is a film maker from the North west Region of Cameroon, precisely from Mankon, Bamenda, Ngang Romanus is a holder of a B.A in theatre, television and film studies from the University of Bamenda and currently will be defending a Master of Arts degree in theatre, television and film studies in the University of Bamenda, Cameroon.

EsbiMedia : For how long have you been working as a film maker?

I can say I started professional film making five years back in 2016 as an assistant sound recordist on the set of REBEL PILGRIM, produced by Paul Samba, after that, my manager Shuyika Edwin and I, with a couple of others came together and created flashlight production Inc which is registered film company, and we did our first film titled « Greed » which I directed, since then I have been in the business of film making, so I can say it’s been five years counting.

EsbiMedia : Okay, so how has been this adventure? I mean what are the obstacles you faced or that you still face during this journey?

Well it has not really been an easy task, it’s really been rough yeah, doing film in Cameroon seems to be one of the most challenging things one can venture into, first, lack of investors, one has to struggle on his own to get finances to produce a film and then at the end still face the challenge of marketing, there are no ready markets for film in Cameroon thus making it very difficult to get investors. Yeah I really do think the main challenge is finance and market, as for talents we have very good talents here in Cameroon

EsbiMedia : Seems your efforts are rewarded since one of the movies directed by you « HIDDEN DREAMS » has been nominated to represent the Cameroon Film Industry at the 94th Oscars. What are you impressions? Do you consider this nomination as an achievement?

I must say this is the biggest thing that has happened in my career, like I don’t even know how to express how I feel… The Oscars is not any ordinary award you know, I must say am filled with too much joy that I can’t even say.

EsbiMedia : Congratulations!

Thank you, I think « HIDDEN DREAMS » being selected to represent Cameroon at the Oscars is a dream come true for me.

EsbiMedia : Tell us about the movie « HIDDEN DREAMS » where is the inspiration from?

« HIDDEN DREAMS » is written by Eystein young Junior, but then what got me attached to the story are the themes treated, you know, it touches, girl child education, sickle cell Anaemia and also takes us back to the days of the scouts and tradition Inclusive which are very vital aspects of our today’s society. So with « HIDDEN DREAMS »we are advocating for a change.

EsbiMedia : What are your impressions about the Cameroon film industry?

Well the Cameroon film industry, we are making moves, we are growing, it is very evident that we are not where we were yesterday but then there is still much work to be done but so far am impressed with the growth level, having films on Netflix and having representation at the Oscars for two continues edition, because last year the fisher’s man diary went in, I think it’s a great move, I must applaud all the film stake holders for the energy and work they are putting in.

EsbiMedia : What advice will you give offsprings who share your passion?

First I will like to point out the fact that Hidden Dreams is produced by a young person, Nchini Justin having a young person as the lead actress Nchini Sylvia Bright very young, this alone without saying a word should be a big boaster to any young person out there thinking to get involve on film making. Justin has been very resilient and you can see the fruits of his hard work, a young person as such having a film at the Oscars should ring a bell in the mind of any young person. So I will just say, trust in your dreams, work hard and be consistent.

EsbiMedia : Are you working on new project you want to share?

For now no, am just focus on seeing the of « HIDDEN DREAMS ».

EsbiMedia : Okay is there anything you wish to add as we conclude this interview ?

I will end by reminding everybody out there that « HIDDEN DREAMS » will be premiering in Bamenda on the 5th of December at epic event center, Ayaba Street, come and have a taste of this beautiful piece of arts, also stick to your dreams, don’t be discouraged just keep working.

EsbiMedia : Thanks so much for giving us some of your time answering our questions.

Thank you.

Interview by Sandrine Ndoumbe


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