The ECRANS NOIRS Festival for its 25 years of existence has invested heavily to offer the public a beautiful week of Cinema and culture as a whole to the Cameroonian people. It was a very beautiful closing evening that was offered to us this Friday, December 10 in Douala at the Canal Olympia. For the occasion, the Festival was decentralized to Douala, city of light, economic city and eternal capital of culture and cinema in Cameroon.

After the arrival of the dignitaries including the personal representative of the Minister of Arts and Culture, the Director General of the SABC, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ECRANS NOIRS Association and the Divisional Officer, the general delegate of the ECRANS NOIRS association Bassek Va Kobhio opened the ceremony presenting a speach with a lot of emotions espacially towards those who have helped him out throughout these 25 years, which continued with the presentation of the « Honary Award ». The first to have received an « Honary Award » is Mrs. Maréme Malong, which was presented to her by the General Delegate of the Ecrans Noirs Association, Followed by Mr. André Siaka, then Mr. Makulu.

On the next vague of Honnary awards given to the Ecrans Noirs partners, were the four main enterprises that have been with the « Ecrans Noirs » from the begining. This including: Canal 2 International, CNPS, Orange Cameroon and SABC. The ceremony was closed by a family photo with the different personalities who received Honnary Awards.
The evening ended with a giant concert organized by the « Brasseries du Cameroun » at the Canal Olympia esplanade.
as expected, a host of artists and musicians stepped onto the Podium. The group RIDIMZ opened the stage, followed by Sam Mbende, then the great BEN DECCA who, delivered a very beautiful performance in front of an audience acquired in advance, between « Souffrance d’amour », « ebele o boso « And » verbe aimer « . The rest of the evening was pure delight: ANNIE ANZOUER the sexy mumy, DJ GERRARD BEN, PETIT MALO the pope of Mbolè, INESBO, COCO ARGENTEE, MARKUS, FINGON TRALALA… At the end, we had a very beautiful evening, looking forward to the next edition.

Sandrine NDOUMBE

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