In the early hours of Thursday October 18th 2023, a video has gone viral on social media regarding two students of Lyceé Classique de Bafia, a school located in the Centre region of Cameroon, were caught with matchets. According to the video, the students infiltrated the school campus to attack a student.

The principal of the school had to expose the students, to the whole school and also call in the authorities to arrest the two boys involved. According to the school Principal, if the students had not been caught, it would have been a chaotic incident for the school because, it would have been reported that a student died in the school due to this cause. He also precised that the students will be dealt with correctly so that they can learn and also for the fact that they take unauthorised drugs. In the Principal’s speech, he also spoke of the fact that, security is of high need in areas of learning.

The students were afterwards taken by the authorities to be handled with.

Delia Nyadi

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