SEME Beach

The actors of the Film « Against the wind » are currently staying in this hotel in the city of Limbe. « Against the wind » is surely one of the biggest Made in Cameroon cinematographic production which arrives in the next few months.

Neba Lawrence, its director in search of an ideal environment to acclimatize his actors well, chose « the paradise of water » as base camp. « As this is a film in which several roles are given to international and local film stars, I had to find a site for them where they will have a comfortable and enjoyable stay while filming the scenes to be done in this city. It is clear that when you have several stars together in one place, it is difficult to rotate them at the same time.

Thus, to better furnish their free time, the setting of the Semè beach hotel seems obvious in line with their stature « says Neba Lawrence, the director of » Against the win « . It must be said that the film itself deals with several social problems: the gender issue, domestic violence, love etc … the filming sites are different and varied across Cameroon but the main scenes are played in the regions of the north-west and south-west which justifies the presence of the Nigerian actor Kanayo O Kanayo in the corridors of the Semè beach hotel in the company of Moustik the Karismatik and Mimie, other stars of the small screen cast by Neba Lawrence to enhance his project which is really gigantic.


Sandrine NDOUMBE

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