He has worked with all the top Cameroonian Artists: Stanley Enow, Locko, Maahlox, Mr Leo and many more great artists. This talented Buea-based Video Director has shot over 1000 music videos and is still to shoot more.

Stephen Nkengafac Nchonganyi popularly known as Dr. Nkeng Stephens is a Cameroonian Videographer/Producer/ Filmmaker/Writer with ancestral origin from the Southwest (Lebialem) and Northwest regions (Nkambe) of Cameroon. This popular Videographer was born in May 1994 in Buea, the Southwest region of Cameroon. Born as an only son to his parents, and fourth child. He got the name “Doctor” from his late father as his father wanted him to be a Doctor. That name was also adopted by his friends as they continued to call him Doctor. A big astonishment came in from his friends as his skills in video editing was one of a kind and so professional, due to his skills, his friends updated his nickname to Dr. Nkeng Stephens and the name just got stuck on him till date. He began his career in entertainment as a musical artist under the group “DECOBRA HOUSE” but after a while, he decided to go solo and switched directly to Videography where he was more comfortable.

Dr. Nkeng is an award-winning Video Director, and he is considered to be one of the greatest Video Directors in Cameroon and if possible, Africa. He also is a great reference in the Cameroonian Musical and audio-visual arts sector. He was nominated under the best video Director category at the Africa Music Magazine Awards AFRIMMA 2019 where he was amongst other African Video Directors like Justin Campos (South Africa), Clarence A. Peters (Nigeria), Patrick Elis (Nigeria) and David Duncan (Ghana). He also won the famous Canal D’Or Awards in 2019 as Video Director of the year. In 2020, he equally won the “Musikol Music Awards MUMA” under the Best Video Director Category. He won the “Bonteh Digital Awards BDMA” 2020 under the category of Best Video Director.

He has worked with all the top Cameroonian Artists: Stanley Enow, Locko, Maahlox, Mr Leo and many more great artists. This talented Buea-based Video Director has shot over 1000 music, videos and is still to shoot more. He has also worked on Commercials for important and well-known companies like “Les Laboratoires Biopharma (a Beauty and Cosmetics Company), Tradex (a Petroleum Company) and others. He owns a Video/Audio/film Production Company in Cameroon “Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Ltd” (CPE). This god of video editing decided to stretch out his hands and prove his talents in the movie industry and even produced a movie called Caesar, Migration and others. His recent movie is “L’axe Lourd” was screened January 2023 at Canal Olympia Bessengue-Douala. He is also the founder of the “Hold Hand Movement” Initiative which its objectives are: An online school which assists upcoming Video Directors learn the tips and tricks of the trade. Tutorials in detail are uploaded on YouTube and the page has viewers from Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Ivory Coast and obviously Cameroon. This Hold Hand Movement is known for assisting young talented Cameroonian Artists, who have no sponsors, by shooting their music videos and link them to Sponsors and Record Labels. Some artists who have benefitted from this brilliant initiative are Yxng Prido, then Boy Tag and M-Pro who are presently under the Steven’s Music Entertainment LLC. To know if Dr. Nkeng Stephen directed a music video, it will be at the end of the video with his one and only slogan “Okay We Take Another Shot”. This slogan alone has made him go viral in production studios and artists adoring this his slogan.

Dr. Nkeng Stephens is highly recognized for his selfless effort in his philanthropist behaviour to the younger generation and with future projects, Dr. Nkeng will uplift the Entertainment Face in Cameroon and the world at large.

  Delia Nyadi   

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